Finger Waves

So did you watch Downton?

How would you like those finger waves for yourself?

If you’re looking for a new way to wear your hair, rewind to a retro era because the catwalk trends for 2012 are really putting a modern twist on styles from different decades and finger waves are a big favourite at the minute.

We’ve noticed that twenties-inspired hair styling is becoming more and more prevalent amongst our clients, especially when it comes to hair ups for weddings and glamorous events and we cant say we’re surprised – smooth, glossy and gorgeous, there is noting more effective than well done finger waves.

While it may not be the easiest of techniques, it’s worth practicing when you get looks like some of these:


Kate Bosworth opts for authenticity with her curls and overall look.


Carey Mulligan flawlessly pulls off finger wave curls.

Kara Tointon chooses a modern take on the style, and completes the look with a wavy side bun and bejeweled hair slide – after all, hair in the 1920s wouldn’t be complete without a gorgeous accessory to top it off.

To add some sparkle to your style and stand out from the crowd, we suggest you check out Flo and Percy’s Vintage Inspired collections, their statement pieces and elegant designs are to die for, we especially love the Mad Hatter comb for this 20’s style.

This look does take practice, but once you have it down everyone will be asking where you got your hair done!  It is one of the most unique and beautiful styles and here’s how to achieve it:

  1. Wash your hair as you normally would. Wait 10 to 15 minutes, until the hair is wet but no longer dripping. Part your hair to the side.
  2. Apply a generous coat of Redken duo shield evenly through your hair and comb it throughout.
  3. Draw the hair towards the face with a comb in order to form the ridge of the first wave as demonstrated by diagram 1.
  4. Position your index finger and middle finger astride the ridge you have just created to prevent the ridge from slipping whilst combing as demonstrated by diagram 2.
  5. Use the comb to the draw the next bit of hair backwards whilst holding the ridges above in place as demonstrated by diagram 3.
  6. Diagram 4 shows how you continue the process to create the beginning of the second wave.
  7. Gently comb through the waves once they have dried. Mist your hair with Redken Quick dry 18 spray to set the style.

Alternatively, if you’d rather sit back and relax with a cappuccino while one of our stylists work their retro styling magic on your hair, all you have to do is make an appointment and we’ll have you looking and feeling fantastic in no time.

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